Standard Process

Standard Process has been a leader in the field of nutritional supplements for well over 70 years. Standard Process is involved in every step of production. They organically grow raw foods on company-owned farms and demonstrate the highest quality control standards in order to offer health care professionals the highest quality of whole food supplements.

Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective nutritional products in the world. They are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living's research has allowed us to infuse everyday nutritional and personal care products with pure essential oils, resulting in unmatched natural benefits. These unique creations offer a convenient way to experience even more of nature's priceless gift, essential oils. .

Designs For Health

Since 1989, Designs for Health has been the health care professional's trusted source for research-backed nutritional products of superior quality. By providing comprehensive support through their extensive product line, ongoing clinical education, and practice development programs, they are able to maximize the potential for successful health outcomes.

Charlie's Soap

Charlie's soap is the leading natural, eco-friendly biodegradable soap. Safe for babies, hypoallergenic, and affordable. Their products are rated safe for use around lakes and streams and have been approved by the USDA for use around food preparing surfaces. They are non-toxic.


Energetix recognizes that the creation of quality products requires innovative formulations, pure raw materials and clean processing methods. They use only the purest ingredients to create unique formulations that work synergistically to address causative factors in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Homeopathic Remedies and Kits

Homeopathy is based on the idea that 'like cures like.' If a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, giving the person a very small amount of the same substance may cure the illness. In theory, a homeopathic dose enhances the body's normal healing and self-regulatory processes. They have been regulated in the United States since 1938 and are safe.

Miracle II

Miracle II products are made from natural minerals, sea salts, and cold pressed virgin oils. Miracle II products are all natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. They add no fragrances, colors, agents, or perfumes. Learn about all our products from the amazing Miracle II soaps, moisturizers, gel, and pH balancing Neutralizer



-Healing with Understanding-

Susan Salce, ND, CNC, RYI